Credit Conveyer

Lending Software CRM

Sortware for Micro & SME lending, POS lending, Secured lending.

Key Solution Advantages

Lending software solution brings you the following advantages and more

  • Customization Endless customization options to meet the most demanding lending business needs.
  • All-in-one Created to encompass all major activities needed to launch and run a lending business.
  • Time to market Ready-to-use software reduce the implementation lifecycle and allow for staying ahead of the competition.

Borrowers Features

Loan Application Process

Collect loan applications from a web, mobile, call centers and more. Sputnik validates all the data entered by a borrower. Also, Sputnik collects additional data about the user (changing data in forms, devices data and more).

Users Notifications

Set up, schedule, personalize, and send email or text notifications to borrowers. Make customized mailing by your own rules.

Bonuses and Promo

The system of earning and spending bonuses, set bonus programmes, promo codes and the ability to send bonuses manually.

Borrowers Account

By borrowers personal account user can view loans history, payment schedule, see and download documents, make payments, extend a loan, edit his personal data and request a new loan.

Document Management

Easily manage loan, client and payments documents, including offers, contracts, loan agreements, notes, payments and other documents. Attach scanned documents and photos.

Сredit screening

To give lenders better assess credit risk, to improve credit screening and to reduce irresponsible lending to high-risk credits we have several services, integrations, and inside solutions:

  • Anti-fraud Services
  • User Identification
  • Credit Bureaus
  • Public Services
  • Social Networks
  • Scoring Services
  • Other Data Sources

Payments & Money Transfer

Send money to your borrowers bank accounts, debit cards, electronic wallets, etc. Monitor the result, initiate loan calculations automatically. Also you can use cashier module to run cash management operations:

  • Online Money Transfer
  • Payment Status Checking
  • Payment Cancellation
  • Cashier Module


History of users' communications and activities in the software, customer details, history, documents, communication, and payments etc. Track customers, their loans, and payments. Call, text or email, including email and SMS advertising.
Increase sales by using additional integrated services.

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Integration Partners

Ready to use integrations with different services and partners

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Credit Product Engine

  • Different Credit Products Payday loans, Short-term and Long-term instalment, Refund anticipation, Subprime mortgage, etc.
  • Credit Product Settings Set over 100 parameters, including loan extension, rollover, interest, fines, etc.
  • Interest and Fines Automatic calculation of interest and fines, automatic status setting after operations with a loan.

Reporting and Statistics


Up-to-date statistics inside the dashboard and over 40 standard user-friendly detailed reports.


Use detailed database description to edit, add your customised reports in Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc.


Integration with local accounting software solution to ensure the accuracy and get result faster.


Track your lead generation campaigns, including CPA advertising and partnership networks results.

Employee Module

Role-based access control features to manage user permissions. Automatic creations of the tasks for an employee.

Set permissions for your employees. Sputnik has different roles, including:

  • Credit Manager
  • Analyst
  • Risk Manager
  • Verifier
  • Debt Collector
  • Operator
  • Supervisor
  • Director

Easily track and monitor user activity across the platform, including:

  • Text or email messages
  • History of users activity
  • Call history

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Contact information

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We are always available via email

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(495) 006-21-57
Moscow Office
We are always available via email

Contact us

Contact information

(495) 006-21-57
Moscow Office
We are always available via email