CRM + Credit Conveyer

Full automatization for PDL companies, banks, p2p

Simplifying of online&offline lending

Flexible configuration Customer requirements
High productiveness Complete automatization
of all business process
Cost reduction Minimization
of costs

Built-in/integrated CRM

CRM that improves sales, customer service and minimizes marketing costs. Demo

Customer Service

Client Verification

System helps to identify potential fraudsters and offers an effective means of personal customer data verification and evaluation of the client's solvency.
  • Anti-fraud services/systems
  • Verification system
  • Integration with credit bureaus
  • Integration with state institutions
  • Scoring architecture via social media
  • Evaluation of credit

Accounting and Analytics

Reports and Statistics System

MS Excel, Tableau

Local Integration with accounting programs

Integration with accounting programs

Integration with accounting programs

Online payments

Integration with any payment solution. Our system fulfills the following functions: transfer and repayment of loans, tracking the status of payments, fees cancellation.

Loan management system

Loan conditions editing

Lending terms analysis to offer lending alternatives.

Creating and Configuring

Create and edit/configure loan products, setting up manual and automatic operations.

Interest and penalties

Automatic calculation of interest and penalties on the loan to serve the charge on the loan.

Office work coordination

Our system allows you to integrate and use these external services to make calls. Special plug-ins allow your experts to dial numbers in a single click, viewing customer profile.
Flexible configuration of employee’s «desk» allow to generate tasks and distribute them, in particular to:
  • Credit manager
  • Analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Verifier
  • Collector
  • Operator
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
Live Chat to communicate with customers
Integration with telephony, e-mails
Customer interaction is saved across all communication channels

Attracting of new clients

Cooperation with any lead generating company for the implementation of effective monitoring and analysis of customer acquisition channels.


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